E-Commerce and the impact on shopping malls

As E-commerce grows, mall venues are reaching new lows. To keep up with online vendors, malls are implementing new services all around the world. For example, charging stations, AR indoor navigation, and multi-sensor technology.

E-Commerce and the impact on shopping malls


As E-commerce grows, mall venues are reaching new lows.

To keep up with online vendors, malls are implementing new services all around the world. For example, charging stations, AR indoor navigation, and multi-sensor technology.

Why are Traditional Malls Struggling to Attract Visitors?

In today's digital age, traditional malls are facing a tough challenge. With more and more people turning to online shopping, mall owners are left wondering how they can bring back visitors.

Once the center of social interactions and consumption, traditional malls have now become stressful places in the eyes of many shoppers. People are feeling overwhelmed and time-strapped, and the last thing they want is to have a bad experience at a store or mall. In fact, even some online vendors are being discarded for reasons such as a slow-loading website.

The pandemic has also had a significant impact on shopping habits. People have grown more comfortable shopping from home and are also wary of crowds. These changes have only accelerated the shift towards e-commerce.

In conclusion, traditional malls need to find new ways to attract visitors and provide them with a positive shopping experience if they want to stay relevant in today's changing landscape.

What's causing the malls' decline?

Why is the E-commerce Industry Thriving?

The increased popularity of e-commerce has made it tough for mall venues to compete. People may be less likely to visit the mall during these busy times, and with so many online options available, they may not spend as much money there.

Shopping at the mall may not be as appealing in today's world, where busy schedules and the convenience of online shopping can lead to less visits and spending.

In short, the boom in e-commerce is driven by a combination of convenience, accessibility, and affordability. To stay competitive, malls need to offer special experiences that can't be found online, if they want to remain competitive. Considering most in-store discounts and deals are also offered online.

Picture taken above on a mall with several stores.
Shopping mall.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing methods, like printed magazines and TV commercials, are becoming less effective as consumers have seen them repeatedly. Today, people are spending a lot of time on their phones and companies are trying to reach them through digital ads. However, many shopping malls are also using this approach, making it difficult for companies to stand out.

Consumer behavior

Shopping habits have changed significantly over the years, driven by factors such as e-commerce and the pandemic. People have been exploring new ways to shop and the pandemic has had a lasting impact on how consumers prefer to spend their money. Today, many people do their research online before visiting a store to make a purchase.

Generation Z is leading new shopping trends that are also influencing older generations, such as Millennials and Generation X. They are more likely to carefully consider a company's values and whether they align with their own. This means that companies must be transparent about their purpose and values to attract customers.

Mall venues’ problem solutions

To survive, malls need to adapt to technology to enhance the shopping experience for visitors, even though the rise of e-commerce has affected its popularity. But, there are still ample opportunities for malls to take advantage of.

Innovative Ideas for Venues

To stay competitive in the age of online shopping, malls need to offer unique experiences that enhance the customers' shopping journey. Here are a few innovative ideas that can help:

  • Powerbank Stations: Providing a convenient solution for customers by offering powerbank stations or portable chargers can be a game-changer in malls. In China, renting portable chargers has become a multi-billion dollar industry because there's a high demand for it. This will set your mall apart and attract new customers.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers to promote your store or mall, and boost foot traffic. By giving influencers free samples of popular products, they can share their experience on social media and reach new audiences.
  • AR Indoor Navigation: Make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for with this innovative technology. This real-time navigation technology shows directions on digital devices, making shopping smoother and demonstrating the mall's commitment to customer experience.
  • AR Mirrors: Add a unique touch to the shopping experience with smart AR mirrors. These mirrors can show information like the time and weather, and let customers try on virtual clothes, jewelry, and makeup. With the use of AI and machine learning, the mirrors simplify the shopping process and provide a unique experience for customers.
  • Innovation Center: Create a hub for innovation by bringing together different companies to plan activities and workshops in an innovation center. This can be run by the mall owner or employees and is a great way to showcase new and exciting products.
  • Multi-Sensor Technology: Enhance the sensory experience in your mall with multi-sensor technology. This technology measures factors like temperature and noise levels and helps employees understand customer behavior, making it increasingly important in attracting customers.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted malls and physical stores, leading to closures and a surge in e-commerce. To stay relevant, mall owners need to adapt to changing trends and consumer behavior. This may require revamping marketing strategies and offering new services. One such opportunity is implementing AR mirrors and charging stations.

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